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 For Fans of "A League or Their Own" 

 Fantasy Baseball Camp 

About Us

  A Camp of Our Own    

Led by Mother-Daughter Team:
Dr. Justine Siegal, Baseball Coordinator | Jasmine Warren, Coach 

After seeing how much A League of Their Own (ALOTO) meant to people it became clear that we needed to create an opportunity for the fandom to continue.


This camp is a supportive space where we talk about how the TV show and the movie impacted our lives while we live out our dreams playing baseball. Our camp merges our love for baseball with our love for A League of Their Own and the history of girls and women in baseball.

For more information on our Camps, please join our community and complete the contact form below.


 Together, "LET'S ROB THE BANK!" 


*Our camps have no association, sponsorship, or partnership with Sony, Amazon or

A League of Their Own

Our Camp

 Special Guests & Coaches 

*All VIP Guests and Coaches are tentative. This list is in continual flux.

 Women Love Baseball Too 

“They always made me feel wrong, like I was some sort of a weird girl or a strange girl or not even a girl, just because I could play.
I believed them, too, you know? But not anymore.
I mean, look, there’s a lot of us. I think we’re all alright.”
-Rosie O'Donnell (​Doris Murphy), A League of Their Own 

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Building Community, One Player at a Time

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